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What is your experience with photography & videography?
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Photography is something I started with when I was a teenager (about 15 yrs old). I loved the concept of creating something eternal. Creativity was also something branded in my brain, I never stopped thinking about creating stuff. So thats why I decided to go and get my bachelor at the academy of art (ArtEZ - Zwolle). I studied Graphic design and did a lot with my photography skills and learned to get some awesome videos as well. I had the freedom of choosing my own diciplines and thats why I did a lot of assignments with photography and videography. I had a great teacher who taught me more about all those crazy buttons on a camera and in Photoshop. But most of my photography & videography skills I learned along the way. When you are passioned about something and work hard I think you can get great at it. Working as a Photographer has teached me so many things. Like how I love to work with people. I like taking pictures of a beautiful landscape, but I love capturing people. The fact that everybody reacts differently to a camera is pretty interesting. And when I work with non-models I love to get them comfortable and not embarressed because they think they're not good with pictures.

It is all part of my work, and that is great! 

Awesome! You can fill out this form. Let me know when you are getting married and what you have planned for the day. I'd love to know more details about you and your loved one. I will check if I am available for your wedding date and if I am we can meet up or skype to talk your day through and to just meet each other. A wedding is such an intimate happening, so I find it very important to see if we have a good connection. We can talk about your expectations and my work method.

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Yes, ofcourse! Me and my gear are able to travel. Shoot me an email and we will talk about the details of your adventure. 

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Yes. I know it sounds a bit crazy doing both at the same time. I was also making videos before I started combining. I started it as a surprise for a couple I photographed when I started out this business. Videos weren't that big in weddings yet. But I was curious about how I would do and if I would like to do it. I created a creative video next to the pictures they received and they loved the combination. After that it got kinda out of control. Pretty much every wedding I got asked to do both. I got used to using my camera for two purposes very easily. I take pictures and make videos with the same camera (nikon d750 and sometimes I mix it up with the nikon d600). They both film in HD and get some awesome quality film. See some examples at 'videos' in my menu. One of the reasons I wanted to do the combination was to avoid having so many people at your intimate wedding (running around your emotional ceremony). But after that I became addicted to both. I think my eyes are used to seeing photographic and videographic(is this even a word?) moments. 


This year I have added a new feature. My husband is able to come along as a second shooter (I will ad some examples soon!). And we are also able to drone some footage. This is an extra feature and will come with an extra fee.

How do you combine photography & videography?
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